How to win her back?

we broke up because of a nonsense fight, and after years of argue i missed that fights with her argue with her, however she has a new partner, everytime i ask if there is a chancebwe ca be together she just say we dont really know, she keeps sayibg she cared for me still, and for our daughter as well, does she care because for our baby? but they live together and im alone.. how to win her back,?


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  • She doesn’t want you back. If she wanted you back, she would have gotten back together with you years ago. And she hasn’t. You need to move on instead of constantly dwelling on the past. You have a child together, so you will unfortunately always be in each other’s lives. I recommend that you find a therapist to learn how to let go of the past and move forward with your life.

    • You are totally negative and no offense hun but how many relationships have you had.

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    • @kayla_scott1 whatever you say, child. You may want to use some punctuation. It would add some sorely needed gravitas.

    • Asker, now that you’re a father, you have to consider the consequences of your actions for your daughter. What will be the repercussions for her if you get back with your ex and it doesn’t work out? Will she be more or less happy? Is it worth disturbing the more or less good situation that you have going out of selfishness?

  • Be yourself and show her your better prove her that you are there for her and the baby

    • im trying, im always there for them i support for her and our daugther, but seems she is no longer interested do i need to try harder or accept the fact she have another guy?

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    • You're welcome you can follow me if you ever need help again your are greatly welcomed have a great day and I wish you the best of luck.

    • ill do that!

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