Have you ever gotten back with someone you have dumped?

Any stories of the dumper getting back with the dumpee? What made the dumper change their mind?


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  • I did with my ex , I left her because she was not acting like a girlfriend ,
    She begged me to get back with her so I did and at first it was good like it always is in every relationship then she went back to being like she was before,
    I left her again and will never give her another chance , I cut her out of my life completely.
    If things go well and you love one another you show them you love them, but If one person in the relationship stops putting effort into a relationship, it doesn't work like that, if you are with someone you always show them you love them, one person in a relationship can not make things better if the other does not even try.

    • Thanks for the reply. My ex has been behaving bizarre lately.

      Gets jealous and gives dirty looks to any girl i talk to, stares at me, facetime video calls me at midnight (it would ring twice), likes an instagram post (which is the first since we have broken up), and lastly, her friend put us in a random group chat on instagram with other people. They know we don't talk.


  • Yes 3 times and then she left me for good


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