How to deal with commitment issues?

The girl I'm into has some pretty bad commitment issues, and she freaks out if I even say I love her. I know there's ways to help people with commitment issues work on them, but what would you recommend doing? I'm pretty unsure what to do to try and help her.


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  • I have commitment issues myself. the only way for her to get into my heart to let me have my way when I get to know her. I don't want her to expect anything which I would fear of disappointing her with. Just because I'm fed up with complaints in the most intimate manner. I would just back off and maybe break up with her if things became worse.

    • Lol, sounds like what happened to me
      So you'd prefer if they not get too intimate, and just talk more casually?

    • in the beginning, yes. But as I progress, I want her to respond at my pace.

    • Wish I would have known that a few months ago 😞
      Thanks for weighing in!

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  • have lots of sex

  • Wired for dating... Tatkin, $10 amazon


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