Is it being selfish?

What would you do if you date guy, break up with him because of distance then 3 years later when you meet, he's dating your sister but the again, he's willing to leave her for you, of which he already did and all you have to do is tell her that yll are back together?


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  • Look that's kinda funny that the one whom you broke up with was dating your sister until you bounced back in his life and now he is leaving your sister for you so what is the proof that he wouldn't leave you until someone more beautiful than you pops up in his life. And honestly I think he is like a butterfly who just jumps one flower to another when the nectar of flower is finished.
    Think of your sister how will she feel that you are dating her ex who was you ex too infront of her eyes well that can ruin your and your sister's relationship. So my opinion is don't date with that guy


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  • Do you really want a guy who'll eagerly dump your ass for the next girl to catch his fancy, like he's eagerly dumping your sister now?

    • Don't you think my sister was stupid to date my ex?🙁

    • But you're not considering dating your sister, so stupid or not doesn't matter.
      You are considering dating a guy that's proven himself to use and ditch girls, so in him it does matter. Or are you just wanting to use him to get back at your sister for dating your ex? In which case, go for it, you'd both just be taking advantage of each other, perfect match.

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  • That's fucked up tbh, your sister is quite disloyal in that sense and he is messing around. But do what makes YOU happy

    • At least somebody understands

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    • No I'm not... nobody understands but instead they tell me to cut the guy off

    • Ah yeah fair enough

  • You should realize by now that it isn't true love I'm afraid. Cut him off.

    • I'm the one who broke up with him

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    • I'm confused

    • Let me get this straight,
      You and him were dating, you broke up with him due to the distance, now heis dating your sister 3 years later and want to fate you again?

  • Whaaaaat? So messed up. Just causing more complications.


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