Ex keeps blocking and unblocking me on facebook. I need answers!!! this has been going on far too long?

so me and my ex have been in a reletionship for 1 year. we have been split up for a good 8 months. i kinda went a little crazy (even though he cheated on me 4 times) and kept begging for him back, so he blocked me off everthing.;
three month after break up to prior:
brother tells me he asked about me and how I was doing. he also asked if him and my brother could have a drink sometime. (didn't bother me they were mates before I was dating him) my brother was busy and declined the offer for drinks
my brother rings me up warning me that my ex is in blackpool same time as me fml (maybe just concidence that tho)
i find out he's got Facebook, but of course he's blocked me. and he's dating another girl.
he then unblocks me
then block me again
then 're adds me on snapchat and looks at my story, when I asked why he added me, I get no reply and a straight up block.
then he send a request to be friends with my mum, when my mum declines he unblocks me again on facebook

i am not asking for him back. of course, I still love him but he made me out to be a fool, so there's no way I would beg for him back now. 8 months without no contacts made me grow up and focus on my degree. it's just frustrating me why he is playing these games!!
i want to know why he is doing and not what should i do


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  • Who cares, it's your ex. If you are blocked, what do you try to get on until he unblocked you are till he tells you. Who cares, are you still in love?

    • because I am still mad with him. i loved him and I would have given everything for him. then he acts like it meant nothing. like we never met. then does this. I'm getting a lot of advice but not answers atm ๐Ÿ˜•.. of course I love he was my first. but you can't force someone to love you back. one day I'll get over him but it's taking time to heal. i don't need him picking in my life when he feels like it. i could block him but then he goes to other resourcea like snapchat or trying add my mum or shit like that

    • That's why you let the one who it will mean everything find you. You have given it time, experienced the emotional impact the relationship has had on you so do something. Just move on as if it meant nothing, because that's the only feeling you haven't experienced yet. This way you have felt all of the possible emotions from this, and you can continue your personal journey of self discovery. You understand what I mean right?

    • How do you feel that? How do you waste a year of your life? How do you waste so much love on someone? I just want to know how heโ€™s feeling to know to move on. But making a clear slate, when heโ€™s trying to find a way in my life is harder than it looks ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž

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  • Y love don't U block your bothering X-4 using wonder woman Powers?

  • ignore the guy

    • everything I do he always seems a way back to me.

  • Simple, block him and leave him blocked.

    • i did that. and that's when he started talking to my brother again after so many months.

  • Why do you care?

    • because he ended it with. after all he did. he chose to wipe himself out of my life.

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  • Why are you playing his games? He may be doing weird things but youโ€™re actively participating in it. Block him and move on

    • i try not too. I've ignored him. i just don't get why he is doing it. It really whines me up. like I haven't done anything for him to feel like I am doing the same. I've replied once and that was because he added me on snapchat. it's hard to move on that he's still keep dipping his hand in now and again. i mean the only reason I go on his wall is to show my Friends when we compare exes (I know immature, but it's like therapy). It's a vicious circle I block him on snapchat he messages my brother

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