I've loved him for half my life but he will never be mine?

So I have loved this man for almost 15 years, he's my best friend. We spend time together we hang out yes we have even had sex a few times. I love him there is no other way to say it. We will call him Todd. Todd and I met when I was 11 years old and we have been friends ever since even if we didn't talk for years at a time he was in a serious relationship's I was married etc... I tell him everything. He has always been honest with me. But Im now divorced with 2 kids and I know in my heart he will never be mine. We've talked about it but I feel like its unfair to anyone I try to get close to I compare them to him... What can I do?


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  • if Todd said no to you, than you really should move on... its his call... if you find another guy you are interested in and compare him to Todd, its ok and natural... and if you get in a serious relationship with that guy later on tell him about Todd, have a honest relationship with no illusions...

    • I am doing my best, he still wants to be friends like we always have been so thats what we are working on.

    • If there is a chance for you guys working out, thats another story but I dont see a point of being friends if he doesn't want to be with you... it will just unable you to move on and you'll be stuck on him forever and unhappy

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