Should I break up with my boyfriend?

I'm happy with him but not as happy without him. There are so many good qualities about him and I love him. These qualities outweigh the bad and I think we're amazing together.

However, I'm not sure why I can't get the bad parts out of my head. They're little things too. Sometimes we don't talk as much as I'd like, I'm usually the only one who starts conversations, I'm the only one that calls first, he can never be serious and when I try to be sweet he makes a joke, when I'm sad he doesn't know how to comfort me (often saying "I don't know what to say"), he sees a girl I don't like as often as he sees me (although in groups), his lifestyle is completely different than mine (he spends a lot and goes out a lot, sometimes at 4am), and I don't like his friends. That being said, I don't ever reprimand him for hanging out with people I don't like. They're not terrible. They just do dumb things and I personally don't agree. I don't want to be restrictive but sometimes it seems like he's too low maintenance (can go forever without seeing me and without missing me) while I seem too high maintenance and need reassurance he never gives.

Sometimes I think he's so unreliable because I tell him the things that bother me but he doesn't respond well enough for me to understand that he gets it. And then I shake my head because I know that he understands he just doesn't vocalize it. He is reliable, and sweet. He just expresses these things through actions and I have to really pay attention to notice them. We're different as we should be. I express myself through words and actions, he does so primarily through actions. Lately I've just been finding myself conflicted because I'm not happy when I'm not with him, since his absence (we live an hour away) is only amplified by the fact that he doesn't talk. When we're together it's so much better because I see the things he does and considers.

Sorry for the mouthful! We've been together almost 2 years if that helps.
Should I break up with my boyfriend?
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