My boyfriend left me out of nowhere and now I don't know what to do on my weekends.

My boyfriend left me out of nowhere and now I don't know what to do on my weekends. I stay in the house everyday of the week. I don't have any friends! The girls I do know, have kids, and I am not talking to any guys. I am a pretty ass girl and feel like the biggest loner ever. I don't have a car right now so therefore I can't go out and meet people. ugh...and everybody is going out on the weekends having a good time. what do I do? I don't like this feeling, yeah I have a great family but no friends or guys I can hang with or talk don't tell me to write, find a hobby etc, I already do all that stuff...


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  • You sound like me. This whole summer has been bore for me. But that's okay, I will have better ones. Maybe you are alone at this point of your life to focus on you. Good luck

    • Yeah maybe, its not like I don't have a good personaility because I do, I am liked by a lot of people but I just don't have any friends that I could hangout with or actually talk to ya know, but maybe there is a reason why I am alone right now which id to just focus on myself

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  • I have no sympathy for you.

    You seem to be avoiding what is available for you because you expect much "better" for yourself.

    Maybe this is why you have no friends?Bad attitude and personality

  • Get a job. Take the bus to places where you can meet people. Walk places where you can meet people. Meet some people who have cars. Go hang out with your friends who have kids.. aren't they better than nothing?

    I hate to say it, but you don't inspire much sympathy..

    • Will defiantly take your advice and start walking to places where there is a lot of people. That's a start. Thank you

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