Guy comes back after leaving me for a girl he had a one year relationship with? And I lost my virginty to him before he left me for her?

So this guy I fell for I lost my virginty to him he never committed but I thought he was going to I liked him a lot he left me for this girl and they we're together for a year and 7 months. ... Now he messaged me again after not talking for a year... and we talked about what happened he said he was sorry but I still have feelings for him and never let him go... He left me cold like just left never talked to me again and just now hit me up since she's no longer there she lived with him... Should I even be talking to him? I went through a horrible depression after he left and he is all sad now and expects me to feel bad for him when I don't for what he did to me? Anyone have any advice? I'd like a realtionship with him down the road... He's the only guy I fell head over heels for...


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  • I wouldn't trust him. He might just be using you as a rebound. That never ends well. Make him show he really likes you somehow. Make him earn your trust back but don't trust him too early or you might get hurt again

  • Yea and he could use that attachment to get you to do what he wants out of you and will probably leave again.


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