Why can't I get over her/why doesn't she want me?

Long story short fell in love with a girl hard. She didn't feel the same way. Then we got into a fight and have not said a word to eachother. Now it has been 2 months and i still can't get over her. I want to but just can't. The reason is because we are literally the same person, we like all the same things and finish each others sentences. Just the way we are with eachother is like nothing i ever experienced. Also, its because i know that if we just tried to become something i just know deep down that it would be perfect. I have a hard time with seeing as to why or how she didn't see that we are perfect for eachother. I am an attractive alpha male with a good job and a great family. I would have given her everything. i just don't understand. What can i do?


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  • There's nothing you can do. Your building it up in your head but obviously she doesn't want what you give her. Beside asking her why you won't know. So you just need to focus on yourself as no one else will


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