Why would she stalk me then not accept my advances?

In my freshman year, I dated this girl very briefly, and because of some drama at home and at school, she thought I was keeping things from her and ended things.
Once the next school year started, she kept following me around during lunch and to other classes. I talked to her about it, and she said she wasn't mad at me or anything, but when I tried to mend that fence, she said she didn't like me.
Over the next 3 years, she would follow me around campus and camp out where I ate lunch and follow me from class to class, despite bus never having a class together.
I kept asking what her deal was and she would tell me I was being pshyco and she didn't care or like me.
Once she found out where I worked, she would go there and wait to be served by me and refused Service from anyone else.

I reached out before I graduated and called her and she immediately hung up on me.

It's been a few years but she's been checking out my Facebook profile and Instagram profile, and I k ow because she's liked a few things then disliked them.

I reached out to apologise for how I acted and handled things in highschool and she didn't even bother to read my message, so after three weeks I made my account private.

Why would she stalk me and do what she's done and not try to talk to me and figure things out?


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