How to mend a broken heart?

I fell in love with a guy at my university this summer. It was love at first sight for both of us.
It waa the first time a guy had looked at me with such loving eyes. We had a strange connection. We didn't need to say anything but could convey everything to each other through eyes. It was a beautiful and electrifying sensation for me. His gaze was so intensive.

The only problem was he had difficulty in talking to me. He did everything he could to get my attention. I was also very shy but somehow managed to start a convo but it was very brief.
After that he had suddenly started cold shouldering me.

After 7 days, I found out he left the country as he had finished his degree.

This broke my heart. I was shattered. I dont understand why he initiated it when he was going to leave. If he knew he was going away why chase a girl?

Anyways i dont harbour any ill feelings for him. I really admired him. He was a dedicated, confident and attractive.
But his departure has dug a hole in my heart. I cry every day thinking of him and relive all those precious memories we shared.
Sometimes i feel so desperate and helpless that i can't explain and i even suffer from chest pains. People ask me if I'm okay as even strangers are able to make out that i look sad.

What can i do? I just saw him for a month but this pain is too much to bear.


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  • Only time can heal the pain, even I faced this pain yet facing, I don't say it will go away, but you will get strong enough to face it, till then, try to immerse yourself in work,, make some hobbies anything you like to do, spend time with your friends or play any sport you like, to exert that weight in chest, don't be alone


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  • You drink whiskey and listen to Willie Nelson's song Whiskey River, & talk about your shattered soul through the writings of poetry and in conversation with friends who care to listen and lend a hand.

  • It will pass. Only time can heal it.


What Girls Said 2

  • They say a new love cures the old one, so maybe try having some fun and immerse yourself in your hobbies and friends, enjoy life, it's too short to worry about a guy

  • When I am sad I eat peanut butter.
    It cements the cracks of my heart. It's always there for me.


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