Why is my ex still looking at my Snapchats if he says we're nothing, not even friends?

Ex broke my heart, said some mean things to me, and said he never saw us going further even as friends. Yet he still follows me on Snapchat and looks at my Snap stories. I haven't looked at his.


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  • Maybe he misses you or maybe he just wants to keep an eye on you to see whats going in your life

    • I feel like he wants to keep an eye on me. I feel he's selfish and likes having options. I thought about unfollowing him, but a part of me doesn't care. If he sees me living my life on there maybe even with a new guy, so what? He's the one that blew it.

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    • Haha well yeah I could do that. Just that I won't take him back this time. He had someone else.

    • And not to be conceited but the other girl isn't attractive and I know I am.

  • He may be into you still

    • He said some pretty mean things that stated he didn't give a shit about me, and instead of me lashing out at him I just responded humbly and wished him well.

    • Yea. But I'm sure he regrets what he said by now.

    • Yeah he says things to be spiteful. He's still really immature, and he plays too many games. I can't deal with that. His loss.

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