What I'd the best way of getting out of a toxic relationship?

I'm starting to see signs in my boyfriend that are controlling and quite scary sometimes. He has previously threatened me by saying if I do didn't do something he'd hurt himself or me. I have finally made the decision that I want to leave this relationship but I'm trying to figure out the best way. Any advice? Thank you x
P. S if anybody has had an experience or has had anything to do with something like this then please tell me. I'd love to hear how you handled it and your advice. Thank you xxx


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  • Easy: make him understand, that you are leaving - and if he threatens you that he will hurt himself, you are taking that threat seriously - and calling the police immediately.

    • Thank you x

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    • It is - he is using your conscience and feelings to get his way. That is mental abuse.

    • And is that classed as abuse though? he's not?
      He's called names as such , and that's mental abuse

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  • Forget him threatening to harm himself. That is emotional blackmail. It will not happen.

    It is you that must be safe. Let as many people know that you can trust to stay quiet. Parents, relatives, friends. If they know, they can watch your back a bit.

    If you can, take a big guy friend with you, and maybe a girl too. Then tell him you cannot handle his aggression and that it is over. DO NOT listen to, or take any notice of, pleading to stay, and that he will change. He will NOT change long term.


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  • If he is abusive have a friend be with you and tell him that the relationship isn't working out. Be honest and be selfish. Don't think about what he needs think about what you need and that if this relationship keeps going what damage it will afflict on you and your future.

  • I had the same situation... my ex girlfriend was more aggressive thn me...
    If u seriously decided that u will leave him, then the best way is to fall in love with other guy... it's not required that the other guy will also love u...
    Just assume that u that guy , and he is ur crush and he is a perfect guy and ur ex boyfriend is a badass... just think it for few days ur mind will automatically diverted...


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