This guy emailed me?

So I got tired of this asshole always hurting me and making me cry every time he either left my presence or was in it. He always wanted SOMETHING. And kept trying to use and take advantage of me. So I got to the point of COMPLETELY CUTTING him off and moving on for myself and maybe even start dating other people. But now he emailed me this morning at 5am saying “text me” in the subject line. Why is he bothering me when clearly I’m done and all he has ever done was hurt me?


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  • Probably because he is just wrong in nature as bad as you described him. So he wants to just try another chance to play you out in order to take more advantage of your emotions. Maybe he wants you apologize and feels sorry; which from what i sense according to the weight of your words; that would so unlikely.

    When someone is drowned in their darkness and badness; they don't have any concept of "bother" in their mind. I highly doubt he would feel he is bothering anything right now. He most likely sees you as an opportunity. He goes around; get bored; returns and see if he can get involve with the old story again.

    Also; there are mistakes in life that can not be unfolded. Sometimes we must just accept the outcome and move on. So even if he has sorriness as motive of his contact; it's meaningless. If he cared enough, he wouldn't put you through any difficult times and force you to leave away with shattered feelings.

    Furthermore; the best suggestion i can give is to ignore it. Forget it. Do not overthink about it. Cut as many as contacts you can with him and constantly delete any bridges he tries to build in between you two. Just don't care about it and remain distant. Just move forward for new experiences and try to enjoy life to the fullest without letting his shadow disturb your mind. Completely ignore him. Try to be happier and enjoy your current time. He is not worthy to influence your mind. So just let it go.

    Good Luck.

    • Thanks! For a second I thought about responding but then I changed my mind... he had been so mean to me. He’d ask me to buy him pizza and I did but when I needed a friend like just a listening ear he abandoned me. He use to curse to me, lie to me, cancel our date last minute and never reschedule, talk about how his ex moved on with someone else to me... and he’d tell me she left him because he mistreated her THE SAME WAY he was mistreating me

    • You're most welcome. Also apologizes for some bad wording up there. I realized i have some misleading and inaccurate typing. It happens to me sometimes unfortunately.

      You made the right decision. Making more contacts with him is just going to be more disaster for you. You seem to be better without him. So no reason for you to look back into a dark loophole. Don't look back; move forward and write new experience!

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