Is she trying to hide her feelings?

My ex broke up with me 8 months ago. I am still not over it but I am trying I still want to be friends with her and we do work together. Sometimes it seems like she misses me and other times not. The other day at work she helped me with pumpkins without anyone asking or tell her. She helped take out the rotten ones and price them. When we left she said bye and my name and gave me a finger wiggle wave. I text her the next day thanking her and telling her how much I appreciated the help. She text back saying that she is really just trying to do her job. She is sorry I am having a hard time letting go and we are not getting back together and not hanging out. Why would she help me on her own? I want to talk things out with her but she doesn't want to. I am thinking she doesn't know what she wants her where her feelings are right now. Thoughts?


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  • Sorry, can't help you. As long as I've been dating, I haven't solved the enigma we call women. Best advice I can give you is to be direct and honest. You can let her figure it out for herself from there. At least she will know where you stand and how you feel. That's the most you can do. Sometimes once someone knows exactly how you feel, they will be more susceptible to opening up to you.

  • I think you shouldn't think for her. Want to know what is going on? Just ask her instead of random strangers on the internet. It really works! By the way, I think she just tried to be a good co - worker. Hope you feel better soon!


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