Should I Break Up With Him?

I've dated my boyfriend for almost 2 years now and lately things have changed. I've been getting very mad and arguing over stupid and little thing and I can't stop thinking about what life would be like if I broke up with him. I love him very much and he's given me no reason to want to breakup with him but I can't stop thinking about doing it.

I'm still in high school and this is my first boyfriend but I just don't know what to do. Should I try to work past this or end it.

We have so much fun together sometimes and we kiss and hug and stuff and just laugh together which is why I'm having such a hard time with deciding to breakup or not


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  • Well, i'm not good at all saying those things, and generally whenever I say such a thing, the person ends up doing the exactly opposite. But anyway, the first thing you need to do is stop viewing the relationship from an attached point of view, you must see from what it really is right now... I could not understand the problem to be true, since u said it has nothing to do with him... but from what i got it, is that you feel that u still dont have enough experience in life, and somehow your relationship keeps in the way for u achieve what u want... the fact is that it can be this, but the problem can be in you too, you can probably just throwing the problems that you have inside you, and that u can resolve by yourself into the other person, or in the relationship... Anyway, before doing this out of passion, and regretting it later, meditate, see the things as they are, try searching the reason and the roots of this problem, and than you won't be even need to ask someone what u should do, u will already know it.

  • Whoa whoa wait why exactly you want to break up?


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