What do you make of my mistress's advice after I told her we had to stop so I can focus on my girlfriend & her kids while I figure things out?

"I do hope you eventually find your way back to yourself.

If u can manage to believe I have your best interests at heart, I really encourage you to consider what better luck u might have sorting through all of your confusion in life, if your goal was to be authentic rather than to cure your indecision.

Clarity reveals itself naturally to us the more authenticity there is about who we are.

I know I didn't say much on the phone when we talked, but in so many words, I guess that's my way of saying to take care."


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  • Be true to yourself. Since having awareness that you are a "being" reveals the paths, you need to begin some Cartography of sayitagain, taking an inward journey to understand who you are, and maping it out in your head. This way you always know your way back to you, if it makes sense.


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  • She probably noticed an issue you have and that somehow you are lost. She probably also knew that her role in your life was an escape from whatever that was. She was just saying good luck in your life and she wishes you well

  • That's some Confucius BS right there! Did she read San Tzu "Art of War" before she came to meet you?

    Gave me a HEADACHE reading all that.

    How did you even remember what she said? Were you recording her?

    • It was a text. I told her over the phone and she didn't have a lot to say and texted me that later

    • Oh, right...

    • I actually don't know what she meant, lol.

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