We broke up after a massive fight 4 days ago, and I've not heard from him since please advise?

So we had a massive fight, he started calling me at 4am to make things right, but I was furious with him, he was meant to meet my parents for the first time and stormed off, put the phone down on me anytime I tried to find out where he was. So i told him to stop ringing me I had to be up for work in 3 hours and just didn't want to talk to him.

I've him deleted off Facebook but he had a big status up and people were insulting me on it, he also messaged my friend.

i haven't heard anything from him now in four days, I messaged him after work to see if he was ok and no reply. What do I do? Do I just move on?


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  • Really depends on a lot of unknown factors here.. like have ye ever had a fight like this before, what was the fight about, have ye been going out long...
    My first impression off what you said is that he needs time to think and let you have some space too, don't swamp him with messages and voicemails but don't move on wait and see

    • The only message I sent was the one on Monday to see if he is ok and nothing since. We fought over a tattoo of his ex. Its just ridiculous it's not even about that anymore it's the way he reacted

    • Bringing an ex up is almost always a bad idea, if he has a tattoo that is symbolic towards an ex it's not like he can just get rid of it.. that's a painful expensive procedure, he's with you now, what's inked on his body is a memory nothing more he probably reacted badly as he was hurt that you'd bring up something that was in his past even tho you're his present

    • But he's not with me now I've not heard anything from him since I sent him a message today saying that things may not have worked out but I still did love and care for him and I don't know where to go from here as I'm still angry what happened and whether or not to be friends, and no reply

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  • Yes just move on. The fight has most likely ended anything good.

  • Just move on and don't let him get to you

  • It's over
    Move on


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