Why did he message me?

We went on 2 dates & then he broke up with me! Based on stupid excuses and he did not want to work on it. NOT EVEN 24 HOURS LATER.. He just messaged me like nothing happened. He asked how my day is going and how my sore arm is? And an update on his situation of some sort.


What's a good comeback to this bipolar?


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  • Maybe he felt lonely after thinking that you would not be a part of his life. Sometimes feelings just come and go and I think he might´ve gotten scared or just isn´t really sure who to go with. Best comeback would be to just act normally and make him show how much he wants to be with you. If he isn´t up to the task, it´s time to move on.
    It´s also possible that things didn´t workout with him and another girl so he decided to give you another go, but I guess no way to know for sure unless you get in a relationship and ask about it a year later :D


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  • Don't get back to him.

  • Better to stay away... maybe this will show you the real side of him..


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