Trying to figure out if I have a chance with my ex of Long distance?

we broke up a few months ago from dating over three years mainly the whole thing long distance but we knew each other for many years before and couldn’t date back then. The relationship started to go down hill when he started his new job and I started professional school. We couldn’t see each other as much and grew apart. I became a little needy when I realized he was slipping through my fingers and then I initiated the break up because I was left sad often Because something wasn’t right and he agreed that it needed to happen because he didn’t want to keep hurting me and the long distance has killed it. I saw a future with him and he feels like the one and because of all this I’m having a very hard time accepting reality. He says he would still talk to me but he needs space to figure out what he wants. He won’t initiatw text with me but he will enthusiastically respond. Makes a conversation hard to keep going or he will reasons to my Text and won’t keep a conversation going. He seems to be staying off social media as I decided to do as well. He told me this super hard for him because he felt strongly about me for so long and now he is confused why his feelings disappeared but it’s because of the distance and lack of seeing each other but he doesn’t see us working on the relationship right now because we are still long distance. Is he just being a nice guy and responding to me but not keeping a conversation with me or is he having a hard time talking to me? Is there a possible future? Do I need to complete leave him alone even while being long distance? It’s really hard. I feel the need to show I’m not needy like I was at the breakup and allow him to think he can build our relationship back up


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  • don't waste your time

    • I know what you mean but we both really loved each other and I feel like he’s the one but right now with the long distance til I can finish school, it’s too difficult. I can’t move on to the point I feel sick to my stomach. And we go back like 9 years. I feel that the timing is off and thinking of him with someone else makes me sick to my stomach. I also have been on dates with guys that were super into me but I can’t see myself with anyone else. How do I move on or heal? Time hasn’t been on my side and it’s been like two months now

  • Don't even waste your time on that

    • See the comment I just put on the previous persons comment. because I honestly can’t move on. I’ve never even felt this way about anyone before and this is not my first Long relationship but it is his. We were so great but the distance finally got in the way :((

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