Girls, Should I continue to get to know her or is it pointless?

Ok so a girl n her course friends have the same lesson as me on a Wednesday for biology, however i added her on Facebook before she knew who I was and didn't accept me. So the week after she was sitting in the hall and looked stressed and kept looking at me, I the week after when I walked into class she kept staring at me up n down n looking at me so at break I decided to introduce myself to her and her friends who share my class then when we went back into class she kept looking at me and we started talking before I went home. But then I seen her with her friends and I don't know if she recognised me cz I was wearing a hat but she didn't say hi or anything she just quickly looked away whilst talking to her friend. Just wondering why she kept staring at me looking stressed inhall to staring me up n down n being talkative after I introduce myself but then not saying hi etc? I want to know see if it's worth me trying to get to know her or just continue to try or give up? Thanks


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  • How do u feel about her? If u think she’s worth it then continue getting to know her.


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