How to get ex back after one year?

OK, we broke up a year ago Thursday we met up for a coffee and then I saw him out Thursday night in town. I ended up staying at his Saturday, It was good And we had a huge talk but hasn't made anything clearer between us. He said he still cares about me and misses me and part of him really really wants to be with me but the. Part of him hates me for hurting him. He said he can't be with me while he feels like that so he has to wait until he doesn't. He doesn't particularly want me sleeping with anyone else but he knows he has no right to say anything if I do. And he said 'it will be so hard for us to

Go back' and I just said well if we both want it enough it will work. Then he hasn't text me since in dropped him off midday. But he works nights. What would you make of that? Sorry for the essay Xx


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  • It is hard to get someone back, unless they are willing to come back. A year is a long time and I do know that feelings can still remain. He is unsure and it is understandable when someone has been hurt in a relationship, it is a hard thing to get over and recover what is lost. You need to be patient. Don't harass him by texting or phoning him. Just give him the space he needs.

    If he is meant to come back he will.


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