Ex said she wasn't going to ask me how I was. Doesn't really matter at this point but still curious of why someone would say that. Opinions please?

Broke up about 2 months ago. Didn't really end in good terms. Tried to small talk with her because I just felt like it, we go to the same university and are likely to run into each other like once every two weeks or something. She was responsive but with a chuckle said "I am not going to ask you" after I asked her how she was. Her answer was "not good" to "how are you?". Didn't ask why that was so.

In short we could not be together because of some issues with her family. A feeling in my gut sometimes tells me that she was lying although in a year of being together we have always been honest and blunt about everything and also it is very likely that it was just that.
Can't seem to edit the initial question. Just don't consider the second para for your opinions. That was the reason why we broke up. Thank you.


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  • she was joking? i mean she did ask you how you were

  • you are not together anymore. she doesn't have to be honest with you

    • Sorry. I meant. The second para was why we broke up in the first place. Can't find the edit button to fix this

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