Backstabbing Bestie?

My best friend started sleeping with my husband after what I thought was going to be a temporary separation. But instead they started seeing each other and not to long after that she got pregnant. Now 4 years later me and my husband are back together but he still Snapchat her, her name in his phone is different from her real name and when ever he gets to see his child by her, I'm left out and not involved in any way. She picks him up to go do things with the kids like it's a family function. Me and my husband also have a daughter together and she has only met her baby sister 3 times. I think he is still in love with her?


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  • This is messy, as adults all 3 parties need to grow up and stop with the childish immaturity, their are children involved! Put the personal BS aside.

    On a side to you directly, can you really be surprised by this? You separate from your husband, he jumps to your “best friend” then you take him back years later knowing he has a permanent connection with his ex... I’m mostly concerned with your mindset, confidence, and self value to allow such a cluster fuck into your life. Do you not think you deserve better than this toxic situation that you enabled?


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  • You messed up by getting back together
    If he didn't care enough to go for your best friend as soon as things got stretched, he didn't care much to begin with

    He already has a kid with her
    You got back together showing that you were fine with it, what do you think is stopping him from not having sex with her on a regular?

  • It's a pickle you're in. 😱
    People like your bestie, I don't know how do they even think of doing stuff like that.
    And yes looks like your husband is not able to get over her. If you and your husband has good talking terms then, do talk it out. Ask him to set his priorities. Hope that helps.

  • You let him have his cake and eat it and now you're paying the price
    You're a bigger person than me cause I would have kicked them both to the curb


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