How do I cope with my life at this point?

A little back story, me and my ex live together while yes this isn't healthy I know. Trust me I know. I'm trying to deal with it the best way. I wanted to get over him and move on. Bout a month after breaking up, we started acting like a couple again. Sleeping together, having sex, him buying me things, him asking me a thousand questions on who I'm going on with and who I'm texting. Anyways I felt like things were ok. But then I realized I actually wanted to be with him again. When I dropped the thought on him all changed. He didn't wanna be in relationship anymore. But yet to this day still acts like we are together. Honestly I'm tired of it. I feel I'm too old for this high school bullshit. I want a real relationship with someome who is wanting the same with me. I'm at. Point in my life where marriage has become an opinion. I would like my ex to filll this position but I know he won't. Anyways I really just want an out at this point. How do I do this. I'm stuck in a lease with him till next June. And yes I've tried to get out and they want money for me to sign my name off the lease. Also if he doesn't wanna be with me, why does he continue to act as if we are together... it's confusing. And very annoying.


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  • Not to sound like a dick or anything you should try hitting the treadmill, i can see you got a little meat game going on. That's probably what's caused his disinterest
    Jk.. you'e fine, or are you?

    Back to the question, he's basically paying games with you. You should not not stop talking to him. But just stop showing him any interest and act like you've moved on, make it look like you're talking to other guys. I swear this will make him so jealous. Let him know you aren't into him anymore. And he'll beg you to take him back.
    I can give you my word. You play the games on him now.

    P. s you aren't really fat, just a tiny bit.

    Didn't recheck anything i wrote, mistakes expected.

    • Haha well I'm not offended by what you said. I like the way I am. And I have no problem getting men's attention. So my size doesn't bother me at all.

    • And yeah I think I will try that

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  • he enjoys your companionship until the day comes when things get serious and move into a life fit for him.(not fit for you)
    I don't know, it's like you're just waiting for his approval to say yes or no so you can start living your own life.

    you need to know that the longer you stay waiting for the right opportunity to understand what that person wants, the more you lose time and your dignity.

    you can't do anything about the past, but you can do something about right now.

    Good luck...

  • It sure is annoying. Sharing the space with someone whom you know isn't willing to stay with you for a long term. Well, you gotta act mature then. Doesn't matter if you're sharing the house, you can still live on your own. Minding your own business. And in this time looking for someone who actually wants to be with you.
    If he's too cranky about you not giving him attention then just get a grip and say it clear that you can't fake like he does. And you wanna move on.

  • Some places will let you out of your lease if you find someone to take over your part. If y'all are sharing a one bedroom apartment, then you might just want to pay the fee to get away from him.

  • You're his backup girl until he finds a new one. He's treating you like a girlfriend so you won't feel guilty for sleeping with him

  • He is comfortable right now. He has all that he needs. He doesn't need to change.


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