Have you ever regretted breaking up with someone? Why did you break up? Did you try to get back together?

Back in early June, my girlfriend of nearly 1.5 years decided to end our relationship in spite of my graceful protest. I know that she had been going through a lot with her family during the last couple of months in our relationship. My sister and her sister went to college together and have been close friends since then. It was my sister who introduced me to her. I tried my very best to treat her like a princess, because at that time, to me she was my princess. I even taught myself how to make jewelry and made her a necklace with her name engraved on it, and a pair of matching earrings with her initials on them. I was so in love with her. Every now and then, whenever I sensed that she was feeling sad, I'd get her some flowers; just like what my dad used to do whenever my mom would be feeling sad. She was so kind, caring and sweet to me. However, for reasons I still didn't fully understand, she started to become cold and distant from me. She decided that we should take some time off because she had been considering to end it. I accepted that, and prayed that she decides not to. However, she did, and that was it. I wished her the best of luck, and I never spoke to her since.

Just this last week, almost 5 months after the break up, my sister called to tell me that my ex reached out to her, and asked her about how I feel about us getting back together again, and that she terribly regretted letting me go. I was surprised to say the least. However it was too late. It has been almost 2 or 3 months since I felt that I could finally moved on. The feelings I used to have towards her caused me a lot of pain, but I fought them off. I am now dating another young woman whom I am getting to know and really care for. My sister does not know about my budding relationship yet. I told her to relay a message, that I've moved on, and I don't and never had any I'll will, but that we were through.

I know she is probably hurting right now, but it was a choice that she made, not I.


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  • Sounds logical to. me

  • Nope.
    She's a cheating whore.
    I don't go back to cheating whores.


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