Need help with my girlfriend?

My girlfriend is severely depressed she's asking for my help but I don't know how to help her she's been in and out of psychiatric wards she still needs my help the only thing that I know how to do is hold her tell her that I love her but she thinks I don't can anybody help me with this before I lose her I don't know how to handle it


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  • Tell her how you feel. Don't feel bad about yourself or her. Depression is a mental health problem which can happen to anyone but only few can fight their way out. Love her endlessly but respect her boundaries and emotions.
    Once I read a book which consists thousands of letters written by people who were suffering from depression or people who are helping their loved ones from depression, it said,
    Talk about the weather, listen about to everything she say.
    Make her a part of your life cause who knows when someone may lay.
    Tell her you love and that would make her day.
    Hope your girlfriend gets better.

    • Thank you do you know what the name of that book was I would love to read it I'll tell her on a daily basis that I love her but her head is been filled. Oh so many things but she don't believe me when I'm telling her the truth how do I deal with that

    • The one that i read is too old. I read that when I was 11 and now I am 17, those words were deeply imprinted on my heart cause I also had someone who was dealing with depression and I read that book to her.

      But I suggest you to read:
      The Recovery Letter.

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