Girls, Girl more talkative?

Ok so a girl I like just started my class and before I introduce myself I add her on Facebook which she didn't accept. So when I saw her after she was sat in the canteen on her own and looked stressed and kept looking over at me and sighing to herself. So week after I saw her in class and as I walk in she looking at me up and down. I sat on a different table and she was silent the whole class until at break I introduce myself and started talking about stuff. So then back at class she started looking at me but I tried to continue talking and She keep the convo going when I try to walk off. So when I first seen her I find her quite hot. It hard for me to understand why she do those things? Thanks for help :)


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  • Tricky situation. She is new in the class and still rather shy. I say ask her to take her to coffee and get to know her. I know it seems frightening but sometimes you just have to take the plunge and go for it. I understand the facebook thing by the way, I never add random or people I just met unless I get to know them fully! Hope this helps and good luck!


    • Hi thank for you response , i can't help but feel stupid to ask her out especially Italy if I am mistaken by her stealing glances accords the hall or looking me up n down when I enter the class room. I wouldn't like to make thing awkward some people have previously told me that if a woman Carey's a conversation on when it could end there is a chance she is interested as she kept on talking so our conversation wouldn't end lol AWKWARD :)

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