Was my ex boyfriend jealous I messaged his friend?

So he dumped me. He still has feelings for me from what I know but life got in the way so he dumped me. I don't message him anymore. I messaged his close friend maybe 1-2 WEEKS ago. Only once. Nothing flirty. Today he just brought it up. He said "don't ever message me or my friends b*tch. I know you messaged (friends name)." I said "I know. I'm sorry" he blocked me. Unblocked me hours later and said "I'm sorry for saying that. Just please don't message my friends or me." I only messaged his friend one time, week (s) ago. Why bring it up now?"
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Update - he got jealous easily when we were together
Another update: I apologized for messaging his friend (about him) and he said "its fine whatever"


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  • he was jealous

    • Jealous of what? Me talking to other guys

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  • If you really didn't say anything flirty, then no. He wasn't jealous. He's probably just not over you yet. So he's afraid if you start texting his friend and you guys start hanging out, it's gonna bring up emotions which will lead to drama. He probably wants to avoid that for now. Just give him time.

  • Yes he was mad he doesn’t want his friends in his personal issues so he doesn’t want you talking to them no matter what the convo is like


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