Caught out ex in lie?

When me and my ex broke up a rumour went around about something going on between him and another girl. I was uneasy about this girl but she was friends with a friend of mine. I asked my ex to just tell me the truth if anything was happening just to tell me as I would be angrier if I found out later.

We tried to be friends but he kept messing with my feelings so I cut him off. So I see this girl liking stuff about when a guy and shit but she doesn't have one. Then I see what I'm 99% sure is his arm in the background (he has tattoo's). It's been about 9 months now. We no longer work together there is no reason for him to be hiding her yet he is. This has actually crushed me. This girl only wants a boyfriend she doesn't care who yet I actually cared about him and yet he lied to my face. Not only that but acting the way he did towards me if they were together is so disrespectful.

What do you think is going on? A rebound? Just a fuck buddy thing?


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  • there's no reason for you to be digging into an ex... does it matter to you? no? then leave it alone...

    • If it was anyone else I wouldn't be as bothered. I just happened to notice when she posted the picture

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    • Me and the girl are friends on fb and I noticed in the picture not like I went digging for it. I get I shouldn't care but you know sometimes it's not that simple.

    • Yes i do... just poking at the fact that you are now expecting something. Speaking as someone's ex... i'd lie my ass off to them every chance i get. I don't care anymore, we aren't hooked.
      I've had an ex ask me a question about something that happened while we were together... told her to fuck off. it doesn't matter anymore.

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