How do I spend less time on men and focus entirely on myself and avoid thinking about men?

Since the age of 17 I became boy crazy and went into dating and now being 20years old. I've been tryna focus on myself, my body, health, job, money, education but one problem is I think about men all the time and I've devoloped a fear of getting into a relationship as I've been hurt badly by a lot of fuckboys but I don't wanna go down that route again so how do I focus on me and devolop a change and create a happy lifestyle for myself as I am not ready to get back into a relationship either.


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  • Answer is you, just stop thinking that you are weak, have some self confidence, immerse yourself with work, hang out with friends, play some sports, don't be alone

    • You have a long life ahead, you will find someone one day, just don't rush into it, I wish you good luck

  • Get rid of your phone or social medias. Anyone one whose serious about dating you will meet you in person (sober) and otherwise you won't have anything else to focus on than you


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