Pregnancy, drugs, false statements, a lot of shit?

I had sex with my ex girlfriend and a few weeks later she said she was pregnant, but she had a prescription that messed with her head that she JUST took. For two hours we were talking names and stuff, the next day (after her pills wore off) she had no memory of our conversation, said she hated kids, and was scared I was losing my mind. One thing lead to another and she left me. It's been 9 months since we broke up, she's dated around, still dancing, singing, acting, modeling, playing piano, cheerleading, even trying out for America's got talent. I've been severely depressed since then, I don't leave the house, I'm completely introverted, and I moved. To make this all even better she said she would've stayed with me had she actually been pregnant. I re-read our messages and she never wanted to leave me, she was crying for hours. We almost had sex and made out while she was dating my best friend because we realized we were so perfect. It's so painful, so depressing, WHAT THE F*CK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO


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  • That’s a whole lots of crazy. You’re 15. What would you do with a baby? You dodged a bullet


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  • First off, you two are both clearly crazy so what I would first recommend is getting your head straight so you can manage living a normal life. However, the good news is that you two are really young so it makes perfect sense that you'd over dramatize a short relationship. The thing is, it's good that you two didn't get pregnant because at 15, what the hell were you going to do?

    So I get that you're highly hormonal and that the experience you just had was really intense because on top of that, everything was new, but you have your whole life ahead of you and EVERYONE around you is single. Get your shit together then when you're ready, go out out there and start dating again as I guarantee that this girl (and this relationship of yours) was nothing remotely close to "perfect".


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