Am I emotionally cheating?

So...I'm going to give you the details, and you can just say what you want. Fyi, I think that this would be considered cheating by most...I just don't feel like it's too bad for some reason.

So I'm dating a the "perfect boyfriend". I love him, he loves me, no problems there.

But there's this other guy, who I work with, who flirts with me all the time. He talks to me on facebook as well as in person. He's asked me out, too, and it was a little awkward, but I told him I have a boyfriend so I wouldn't go out to a movie with him unless it was with other people too and NOT a date. He was like, "yeah I know you're taken, we can just be friends". So that seems OK. But we always act pretty flirty with each other, and I'm sure that other people think we like each other. I'm sure he still likes me, too. He says stuff like, "You're the only one who keeps me sane sometimes". I feel like he's still trying to get me, even though I have a boyfriend. And I don't have a problem with that, I mean, if he wants to try, go ahead I guess. But the thing is, I am sort of attracted to him...I'd go out with him if I wasn't dating someone who I know is better for me. I flirt with this guy, and we have jokes with each other, and he's fun to be around.

Should I keep hanging out with him? Or should I give it up because obviously I can't be trusted to keep it appropriate?

I guess I have some guilt about this, or I wouldn't be posting this, but not enough to override the fun of talking to and flirting with him. I know the rule is, don't do anything you wouldn't do around your bf/gf, but um...he wouldn't find out. Yeah, that's lame. But I'd never cheat physically or go out with another guy...

How bad is this?


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  • it's obviously good that you're asking this kinda question cos it shows you really care but I have to say you're kind cheating in my opinion, you're cheating as soon as you're doing something your SO would consider cheating if they were there. Is flirting cheating to them? ask them do they flirt with other girls, if they hesitate, tell them you flirt with other guys sometimes but that's all

    just a note, I consider flirting cheating

    • Ok, thanks for your opinion. I know that some people think flirting is cheating and some people don't. I'm still unsure what to think on that...But yeah, I think my boyfriend wouldn't be too happy with me flirting, though he knows I get a lot of attention from guys, and he's OK with that.

    • If you know he'd be unhappy about it then you're cheating

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  • First of all, it's not that bad. Sometimes people can misinterpret being friendly as being flirtatious. Obviously guys and girls can't laugh and have fun without the sexual tension. You're just being friendly. As long as you physically don't do anything with the guy, it's not big deal. Many married women flirt a lot especially those who have salaries based on tips.

  • It sounds like you're trying to live f***ing Twilight or any other hollywood romance story. So yeah, it's cheating, or at least a little girl who's treating her relationship like a movie

    • Hahahaha sorry that made me laugh. OK thanks.

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  • its not bad its natural there will always be people your going to have chemisrty with and find attractive even if your involved with someone. it starts to become a problem when you start wantinmg to act on the attraction. if your starting to feel so guilty is maybe because you know something is going to happen between you too if you continue hanging around each other. if you love your boyfriend then it shouldn't escalate to cheating but if the temptation is too big then distance yourself a bit before making a mistake that you'll regret.

    • Yeah, you're right. I probably should distance myself a little bit.

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