No response after no contact?

Gonna try and remain factual in this post.

I dated this girl for 4 wonderful months, and it was only a matter of time before we said "I love you." to each other.
Bu then she moved away to go study in another country (something she had planned well in advance of us even meeting, and something which, I fully supported, because it was her dream).
Before she left we broke up because with her starting a new school, moving to another country and us having (only) dated for 4 months, the added pressure of long distance just seemed unnecessary and that we would end up resenting one another.
So we had our last day together... it was beautiful and we blessed one another.
Sure we had "arguments", but it was the most mature relationship I had ever been in, and we could openly and honestly shared the things that bothered us and we could always talk it out. At the point of the break-up there was really no stone left unturned.

Then the night before she flew out I went to her and gave her a looong ass letter I wrote. Admittedly, I had a very hard time dealing with her leaving (and she too, I think, had a hard time saying goodbye).

After she left I waited 8 weeks and made no contact. I moved into a new apartment, started taking Korean lessons, upgraded my medical insurance, etc. I started working out again, and growing the most awesome beard.

Then I texted her over Korean Thanksgiving, simply saying "Happy Chuseok".

She has read the text, but not even a blip, a tweet, a bump... nothing on the radar.

To the ladies out there... could you help me understand her, what she is thinking and feeling. Do I send a follow up message, do I leave it? Was my message too much, too little, too soon, too late?

She'll be back over Christmas for 2/3 weeks and I would love to see her then, but if there is gonna be this wall between us, then what's the point?
No response after no contact?
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