How do you know to let go or fight for the relationship?

So I was dating this guy and we both describe it as 'perfect'. He decided to end it however, when it ended he was crying and clearly confused. I wish I could just walk away but I really can't. He has also made it clear that he never wants to lose me from his life. There are so many reasons to stay with him but I just don't know what to do. Any ideas?


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  • You two are so young that you should let it go. The biggest issue is that at your age, both of you have near limitless romantic options. Right now, everyone is available so you have more options now than you'll ever have again. Even if things seemed "perfect", I can see why he'd want to walk away and see other things. Similarly, you need to take this opportunity to do the same. Young love is strong because you're highly hormonal and everything is so new, but I assure you that there was nothing special or perfect about the relationship you two hard. When you're ready, go out there and date, be open to what others have to offer. Maybe things will work out with your ex someday, but in no way should you even remotely consider waiting around for him or anyone else.

    • You are right and I already did that. I was open and none of the guys compared to him. Instead they just made me sad because I was missing him.

    • Of course no guys compared to him because you're young and over dramatic. But the truth is, there's a high probability that if you really did try dating, you actually went out with an even better guy and you just weren't open enough to it. But you know, it's ok... you're young so you have probably... I don't know... 167 more first dates ahead of you? This is an exciting time of your life and I hope you don't ruin it by pining over someone who doesn't want you when there are tens of thousands of guys ready to ask you out right now.

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  • Both of you don't see other people just give each other some space

  • U shud always let go, if its meant for u... it will come back to u...

  • You need to feel for yourself what's right

  • Damn fkin boring question


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