Did he secretly want her while he was with me?

My ex and I dated for 18 months. Just when I was starting to believe he was the one, he left me. He said he just didn't love me anymore, like he woke up one day and that's how he felt. After almost 2 years together.

Several months later, he hooked up with one of his best friends who just got out of a 6 year relationship. It's kinda been like salt in my wound.

They were friends before he and I started dating.

Do you think the whole time he was with me, he really had feelings for her? And just pursue it because she was already with somebody?


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  • I don't think he had feelings for her the whole time, but they became present at some point.

    He probably had them before meeting you, and tried to be happy without her, and it didn't work.

    So he decided to go after what his heart kept telling to go after.

    It's not good that this happened to you, but I don't believe he was trying to be nefarious, it was just something he couldn't fight anymore.

  • I am very heart struck of your case.It may be true that from past He had feelings for her but was bound due to the fact she was in a relationship.However there maybe other factors that may have contributed.Maybe also during that time there is the attraction aspect that lacked between you and him which was present in them during their friendship which inturn made him feel for her.You need to be attractive in all sense and I MEAN ALL.Don't be so holy think it would be the reason he left as he saw greener pastures.


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