Dumper ex girlfriend mad at me?

Alright so she broke it up with me nearly half a year ago. I was devastated at the time but honestly, right now I feel quite good. Sadly though, we do see each other quite a bit as we do go to the same college together. The reason why she broke up with me was because she needed space.

But anyways, long story short... right after the break up, she played all the mind games imaginable. Other people notice it too. So it wasn't just all in my head. A lot of people assumed that she had wanted me to chase her.

Continuing on with the story to the present. She is acting creepy, as if she wants me to contact her. People see, whenever she looks at me, she gives me the "cut eye". Last night especially, she was a drama queen. On top of that, she's making a lot of my female friends uncomfortable as she is giving them the same look as well. Lastly, I forgot to mention I blocked her on all social media several days ago.

Why is she doing all this? why is she giving me this look?


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  • Again, stop caring! It's your ex


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