Why does my ex text me what I can't do because of his jealousy still?

He texted me and told me to not do (certain thing) ever again, because of clearly his jealousy. He told me not to talk to him again, and we don't even talk. Why is he randomly texting me what I can't do because he's jealous, even though he says it's over and he's done with me?


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  • Exactly what phantom teichou aaid dont let anyone manipulate you if keep it going he will think he has not just the power but the right to do this and it could get worse if you are over it striaght up tell him if you are gonna do it in person bring a friend or some one close to you and in public and tell him no more


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  • Be strong and don t text him back. He wanted this, remember! Let him know you can do better. Play with his mind too. Haha


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  • Because he's insecure and feels powerful when he manipulates you and prevents you from moving on. Block his number, it'll be best for both of you.

  • Because you allow it. Shame on you

  • Fuck him? He misses out so he can get over it.


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