How to handle this breakup?

My long distance boyfriend recently broke up with me, and he didn't give a specific reason why. He made me feel like an insignificant part of his life for awhile because he wouldn't make an effort to talk to me. I thought that I was boring or delirious or unloved for a really long time.
He finally broke up with me, and I am still not completely sure why. I knew that long distance relationships are tough- especially since my future looks rather grim due to medical illness- and I told him so when he asked me out. He said we could make it work, so I believed he would try his best.
I feel that when he broke up with me, it was simply because he didn't love me enough to put effort into it. I feel kind of betrayed by the false hope he gave me.
What do you think about the situation?
How should I cope with it?


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  • Honey. I have been there. That was my exact situation.

    The first thing that I did was cry. Give yourself at least a weekend to wallow. You need to get at least part of the grief out of the way in order to move on. You don’t want to spend too much time on this phase because it’s not very productive.

    The next thing is to channel your hurt and anger into something positive. Volunteer! Reconnect with friends and family! Take a class that you have always wanted to try! Keep yourself as busy as you can without overloading yourself.

    You may want to find a therapist during this time. I found that it was very helpful to talk to someone who was completely objective about the situation.

    • I am not angry, just really confused. He said that he loved me when I told him this, yet he's still breaking up with me because "I just can't". Because of my medical conditions, I cannot go anywhere. Thank you for your advice; it is much appreciated.

    • The anger may come. It’s one of the phases of grief. It felt better than the immediate sadness did anyway.

  • Girl I’ve been there it takes along time to get over something like that


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