How to handle this breakup?

My long distance boyfriend recently broke up with me, and he didn't give a specific reason why. He made me feel like an insignificant part of his life for awhile because he wouldn't make an effort to talk to me. I thought that I was boring or delirious or unloved for a really long time.
He finally broke up with me, and I am still not completely sure why. I knew that long distance relationships are tough- especially since my future looks rather grim due to medical illness- and I told him so when he asked me out. He said we could make it work, so I believed he would try his best.
I feel that when he broke up with me, it was simply because he didn't love me enough to put effort into it. I feel kind of betrayed by the false hope he gave me.
What do you think about the situation?
How should I cope with it?
How to handle this breakup?
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