What do you do if you are still hung up on someone?

I dated this girl like 2 years ago and i still like her. No girl i have dated have been able to match up to her. How do i move on?


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  • you need a wake up call. you and your ex broke up. its over. sorry to be blunt, I mean it in the nicest possible way.
    you and your ex had a problem, one that put your relationship into question. And if it was her, then great, its her not you. if its you, then work on it.
    Look, it sounds like you were the dumpee, so, think, why are you hung up someone who didn't like you back. if she said she wants to break up, she doesn't like you enough to spend the rest of her life with you. So that means you dont either, you're free to find someone who will, and will do that with a smile on her face.

    my advice, dont go looking for someone who is like your ex, because you already know where it would go (another breakup).

    • Naa it just i know it won't workout so we ended it, she had problems to deal with and i eanted more but year after i realize it was a misstake. i shouldn't of picked career over her. but i kept living life dated some girls accepted that she was gone but still haven't been able to find someone that is better than her 😂

    • you dont need to find someone whos better. everyone shines in their own way (so to speak). find someone different.

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