Has anyone here gotten married?

via Mail Order? As in a mail order bride? I'm curious to hear if it worked out, if you're still together, in love, etc.


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  • I know my cousin did. And so did my aunt's ex husband. they are still together.

    my cousin married someone from the philipeans. I met the girl once at my wedding, but I didn't really talk to her. He really likes her, even though they only talked through the computer their whole 1 year dating. He visit her once and then had her married to come over to the states. She some times doesn't like him, and I heard once she tried to run away. other than that, I think they work out. good luck if you do.

    He only did it because he tried dating girls here in the US and they didn't like him. he had problems with being a cheap-o... so he had to resort to mail order bride. But yeah, some times people marry that way so that the bride can't run away but...

    my friend's brother married someone from australia and she ran back to australia. Then he had to go and live with her there. yeah, I know a few people I guess that married overseas. it happens. good luck to you if you decide to

    • LOL! Well, thank you for the well-wishes, but I was just curious. I've been very happily married for eight years to my beautiful, US-born bride. I was just wondering if it ever actually works out.

    • He's probably isn't cheap... just recognized that most women born in the US are gold diggers and only get married for money.

    • Such a generalization lol about as much as men only marry for looks. Can't judge a whole gender because of a few gold digging women or shallow men.

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