How will you let go a relationship after 8 beautiful months and she changes me for another guy?

Like we were dating then this guy comes kisses her
And she is now with him


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  • Sometimes when the flame starts to go out so does the romance. And for a girl when that starts to go she will question/everything/ about her current relationship. It’s possible she decided she wasn’t in it for the long run with you. Sorry to hear it.


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  • If she changes you it's because she wasn't okay with you in the first place.

    Nevertheless I also feel that it's normal for guys to feel insecure these days, if you don't know if your girls is going to exchange you that easily.

    For example I think I have just scared my date away, and basically it was because I didn't really trusted her, after someone told me she exchanged her current crush for been with me.

    I simply don't trust that dating scenario, and I think it's the same for other guys. Then you start acting cold, insecure, and somehow controlling.


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  • That means that they are a fake lover and they were using you, but if you guys were together for 8 months, then i think that's crazy.

  • Time heals all


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