Can I say this to a guy?

I don't want for him to tell me he likes me. We are past that. I just want to say where i am coming from and end this. I asked him to call me when he got a sec. If he does I'll tell him this. If he does not I'll call back and Wednesday and leave this on his vm. I'm done tip toeing...

I like listening to your stories and how you're passionate about what you believe in and being around you and a shyness you exude, which I can identify with.

If I could replay that afternoon we sat around and watched football, that is what I would want.

I understand people get busy. If your kids were not a priority I would not feel the way I do about you. I also know we haven't had sex in almost a month. I've asked you to spend a week night over with me and you don't seem interested. I don't need someone constantly but you aren't making any plans with me by tues or Wednesday like you used to. If it's being busy I can wait, but I feel like its apathy.

I blame me for the idea that we not see others. If you have, that's your prerogative. But its tough for me because I gave my word and I'm not accepting dates. For me, my word means something, and I'm proud of that. I want someone who will give me a crappy pair of socks Christmas day and I will adore them just as much for it. I want someone who wants to meet my daughter. I want someone who wants me.
I'm pretty, smart, funny, open minded and I have a career. Not everyone has to be into me, but I do want to spend time withone person who is. Someone who sees being with me as a possibility. I know you've been going through some rough stuff and i am giving you space. We know I'm not needy. But I want a friend. I want that friend to be you. But I don't want to force that from someone who chats with me as an ego boost while waiting for someone else to come around.

I wanted to say this face to face but I didn't know when that would be. I have to buy the tickets to Vegas and I so wanted to get two because I wanted you to be there...
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Grrrr!!! So i ask him to call me. He does. Then he tells me how his flight was diverted to chicago bc of the storm down south. Which makes sense!!! And how stressed his week was. Which makes sense!!! And then we chat and he says he wants to accept my weekly invite (that i didn't suggest) and then I ask if he wpuld rather hear my initial question today or Wednesday and he says it must be good and wants to wait tip Wednesday. Ge drives me fucking nuts!!!
Can I say this to a guy?
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