Why does my ex want attention?

So long story short. She broke up with me about 6 months ago and wanted space. Sadly, we see each other a lot at school. Fought once for her, then went straight to 'no contact'. She didn't like the no contact at all. Played all the mind games imaginable. Flirted with other guys in front of me, hot and cold, and all that not so fun stuff. Still though, I kept my distance. Other people notice the mind games she played too.

Now that I've kept my distance, seems like she is begging for my attention. More than usual. When I talk to a female friend, she is always staring at them. Also, giving them the 'cut eye'. One night, I got FaceTime Video call. It rang twice then hung up. Lastly, she liked an instagram post a couple weeks ago. That was the first time she has ever liked something after breaking up with me.

So on Tuesday, I finally blocked her on all social media. My friends were really happy.

But the other day, she kept staring at me non-stop. Always looking angry at me and also extremely petty trying to grab attention fron everybody. I'm almost certain she knows she has been blocked.

I'll admit, I kinda still do care about her. So in a sense, I am curious to know what she wants.

What does she want?


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  • She wants to keeping you from moving on. You ever heard the song Attention by Charlie Puth? I highly recommend it

  • She likes you still and wants you back.


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