What can I do to get her back?

my girlfriend broke up with me two weeks ago, she said it was because she didn't feel the way she did when we first started dating. I still love her and I would do anything I can to get her back. is it possible?


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  • I've been there, I was dumped 6 months ago. I only spoke to him if he spoke to me first. I never instigated contact. Try it, see if it works. but dude, the chances of her coming back are slim. I hoped that my boyfriend would come back. and he hasnt. the best thing you can do, is let them go. I have met someone else now. and so will you.

    but take my word for it, don't contact them. there is NOTHING wrong with not contacting them - people think 'would it look bad if I don't get in touch or send a text'. the answer is no 'cos you don't owe them anything - I mean, after all she dumped you, what do you owe her? and b) if she wants to be without you, then give her what she wants!

    Trust me, I learnt that there is nothing you can do or say,. 'cos begging is not attractive. Just move on, fill your time up, go to the gym, push her to the back of your mind, meet other girls. and never hold out in case they come back. just get on with it.

    • Yeah it's really hard trying not to contact her, but it also sucks too because my best friend is dating her best friend, so I always see her, which doesn't make it any easier.

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  • be strong, think to yourself 'Do I REALLY wanna make myself look like a twat by calling her or texting'. No!

    What I used to do, is imagine myself texting him, then imagining a little smirk appearing on his face when he see's my name flash up on his phone'...and that would put me off - cos why would you want to give someone the satisfaction that someone is chasing them!

    Just be really really strong.


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  • Don't. Walk away and find someone else.


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