Sent me ex flowers, don't know if was a good idea?

Well I sent me ex girlfriend roses, we haven't really talk for a month it's just been her making threats and calling me names, and other than when she told me a week after she broke up with me that she had a new boyfriend, I don't know I tried hard to be the guy that didn't care, I tried telling myself I don't need her, but I eventually broke down and sent flowers, the first day she text me saying why did I send those, and the next day she text me saying that she loved the flowers but she can't keep them, I honestly was expecting more of a angry response because since day one of the break up that's all she's given me, i guess she just doesn't care anymore


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  • Well its not like you was harassing her or knocking on her door. At least you gave her space by not invading hers. I hope you can move on if she has a new boyfriend. Find someone to send flowers to who is gonna have butterflies when she receives them :)


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