Ex boyfriend avoided my texts, then suddenly responds.

OK, so I will make this as short as possible. My ex boyfriend wanted to keep in contact after he broke up with me and I agreed because I still cared about him. We hooked up a couple of times every now and then. Last time we talked was close to a month ago. I would periodically keep in touch with short texts, but he never responded. I finally text him that I felt like an idiot because I was being cool, but he wasn't acknowledging me. He suddenly responded with, "Why are you acting weird lately?'" We text back and forth and, and his response was "I've been busy and didn't feel like talking". Why didn't he just say that? And why would he respond to that text if he didn't care? I'm confused by HIS weird behavior!


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  • I think it's wrong for him to act that way, but I know exactly why. He wants to keep contact, but he wants to talk a lot less than you guys used to. I'm not saying you text him often, but when you do text him, it may remind him of still being with you and he still wants to stick with his decision of you guys breaking up. If you stop talking to him, he might even say he wants you back whether you want him or not.

    • I hear ya...and he says I'M wierd?! I asked through a text if I could call him, because I missed "talking" to him (that's pretty pathetic right there). He never responded. It's crap like that he does that I don't get. It's like, why did he give me his new cell number after we broke up if he's gonna play these games. So I finally said I'm not doing this anymore, he's just not worth it.

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