Girls, Why does she glare at me?

So ages ago I got talking to a girl who serves me at a store , we would always smile at each other if walked past but then I noticed wen talking she would always talking about plans or were she's going etc so I knew a girl who worked at same store and I ask her who the hot girl is j she didn't know c she new so I said I'd find out myself wen next in. So I didn't bother going to her checkout for months n wen I did she would tell me we're she's going on town. So I avoided her checkout for months and she would always glare , or look around for me then look away with sad faces , ? So I didn't see her for months again and she got a boyfriend n started going blood red in face but now she gone back to glaring at me I'm just kinda confused as I did say I was gonna ask her out but it was like 8 months ago?


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  • She sounds mad at you


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