Will she still look for me?

Me and a girl I dated broke up in 2014 and started dating again in 2016.
She admitted that during that time she would stalk my Facebook to see how I was doing, and after a conversation we had on Facebook in 2015, where she said she didn't want me in her life anymore, I deleted my Facebook shortly thereafter.

About 6 months later she followed me on Instagram and reached out and we started dating again.

Earlier this year she went on a mission for her church and she again said she didn't want to be a part of her life after the church opened her eyes and she said she didn't love me anymore.

I deleted my Instagram and Facebook strictly because I don't want to see what happens in her life when she comes back.

I have a new Instagram under a username she wouldn't be able to guess.

I know she will eventually snap out of her stupid fantasy, and look for me again. Will it even affect her when she sees my Facebook, Instagram, and everything has been deleted?
Even if she comes looking for me, one of my jobs went out of business and I quit the other.

I don't even know how I feel about what I've done. I don't want to lose her but I don't want to see someone else make her happy


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  • Been there, it's hard but you'll be fine.
    1. You dont need to. delete your accounts, you can easily block her and she won't find you.
    2. Thia ia not a girl YOU NEED OR WANT IN YOUR LIFE. She used the same excuse before, it seems as if she doesn't value you and knows you'll be there for next round whenever she wants it to restart. If someone a girl says doesn't want you in her, this is not something she can take back over and over again.
    3. Maybe she will look for you, maybe not. This should not worry you in anyway. Don't think about it and don't do whatever you do for her. She is gone, don't let her absence drive you crazy.
    4. My advice, move on. Don't expect her to contact you and don't wait for it to happen. If it does, hopefully you will be ahead of her already. If not then you'll deal with it at that moment but right now, meet new people, go out and don't wait for her to look for you.

    • My problem is I want to move on and replace her before she replaces me, but I keep finding such shitty people

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    • Like I said, focus on yourself. Dont do things for her, I mean, dont try to meet someone just to beat her in "the race". Go out with friends, meet girls not necessarily to hook up with them or make them your girlfriends. Just meet girls, have female friends and hook up if you see the oportunity. Female friends bring more friends and when you find someone worth then it will work out. But like I said, dont act on her, act on you. You'll move on. My advice, although I should know its hard, dont let her in again.

    • You think despite my hard efforts that she will try

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  • She's crazy and weirdly obssessed, so probably after getting bored about the church thingy, she┬┤ll come back to stalk you

    • What will she do if she can't find me on Facebook or Instagram though? I doubt she kept my number

    • Try to find you probably. Let's hope she gets tired and doesn't

    • One of my friends told me she will snap out of her 'honeymoon' stage with her church and do what she did before where she felt her place was with me and come again

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